Jordana Brewster Shares Her All-Natural Makeup Remover

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To say that Jordana Brewster has a full plate is an understatement. "The Fast and the Furious" actress is currently tied to multiple projects, joining ABC's "Secrets and Lies" this fall and Fox's "Lethal Weapon" pilot reboot while juggling her most important role of all, mom to 2-year-old son Julian. She's also Pond's brand ambassador, helping the skincare company launch its new #AntiAgeLimits campaign, which encourages women not to let their age hold them back.

Brewster doesn't let her own busy schedule keep her from her dedicated skincare routine. "It's been the same for many years," she tells Yahoo Beauty. "I like the tried-and-true and not trying anything crazy. I use a mild cleanser at night and in the morning, and I use Pond's Rejuveness moisturizer."

She also has a favorite trick for removing eye makeup: "Many eye makeup removers are so drying," she says, "so I take my makeup off with grapeseed oil or coconut oil and leave a little on my face."

If she were stranded on a desert island, the 35-year-old actress knows exactly which products she'd take with her: "Pond's Fresh Wet Cleansing Towelettes, since they'd be really versatile," she says. "If you're sweaty and nasty, it's like a reboot - you feel instantly refreshed. I also love mascara so much. I love Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill mascara. It makes such a huge difference. If I wasn't being vain I'd say sunscreen, but if I were, I love Glossier lip balms."

Brewster admits she used to tan in the summer when she was younger, but now she regularly reaches for sunscreen to protect her skin and does a DIY mixture for her face. "I make my own beauty balm," she says. "Armani has a foundation with sunscreen, which is bronzy, so I blend it with my sunscreen, mixing it in my hand."

To keep her signature long, dark locks healthy, Brewster gets regular trims to snip off split ends and only washes her hair a few times a week. "I go to DryBar two or three times per week, but I try not to overwash or overstyle my hair. I try not to flat iron it a lot, and I also don't color my hair. When I'm working a lot and am constantly under the hair dryer, I will use hair masks, or I'll get a gloss, even though I don't have color."

Brewster is just as careful about what she puts in her body as she is with what she puts on her skin. Her go-to healthy lunch spot is Kreation, an organic café and juicery in Los Angeles, where she favors salmon with quinoa and collard greens wraps packed with vegetables. Since she's often on the go because of work, she makes sure that each of her meals includes protein, fiber, and healthy fat.

As an actress, working out is obviously a big part of her life, but it's also something she enjoys. "I love lunges and squats!" says Brewster, who has posted several images of her workouts on her Instagram. "Ever since I was a teen, I used to do step classes. I find working out to be really cathartic and fun. I have a minitrampoline by Bellicon, which is also fun and helps your joints."

To destress, Brewster meditates, which she's been doing daily for seven years, or she'll go for a run. "It helps me a ton," she says. "Running and listening to really loud music - 90s hip-hop. That gets me going."

As far as the key to being happy, Brewster admits that's a work in progress. "I think that's kind of a moving target," she says. "Priorities change. But what makes me feel good is if I'm eating balanced meals, exercising - this morning I had to get up at 5:30 to get a run in - and I'll meditate twice a day. It keeps me sane. I try to meditate in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon or after I put Julian to sleep." But it's her little boy who gets top billing in her life: "Now nothing makes me happier than my son," she says.

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